Tetris stackable LED lamp
The Tetris lamp is yet another genius product from the people at ThinkGeek. It’s a 7 piece interlocking lamp set that can be stacked any way your heart desires and the pieces only light up once they’ve been stacked together. A perfect addition to the man cave or any bedside table!
Use this tutorial to make your own rose headbands!
There was a new Ten Ren’s opening in our area. Went there and saw they were doing a buy one get one free deal on hotpot which meant…a horde of people lining out the door for it. So we decided to take it to go since we were getting something else anyways. 

This is their to-go box for popcorn chicken rice. Looks pretty awesome, hope it tastes just as good!
Panera is seriously too hard to resist! I was determined to just order a half salad but ended up with a frozen mocha… Oh why!
Excited to wear this to tomorrow’s getaway!
Yay for spring decor! Makes me feel happy every time I walk by our living area :D
I’m not much of a cat obsessor but for some reason I wanted to make a kitty pillow. 

Made the pattern myself and sewn with white flannel. The face looks a little thinner than I would like but if you flip it over, it could be a functioning neck pillow as well! Multi-functioning kitty pillow!